Greek Backgammon Federation's

5th International Open at Kos

The Greek Backgammon Federation is proud to announced that they will holding their 5th International Backgammon Tournament, the KOS Open 2016, at the KOS HOTEL Junior Suites from May 12 to 15, 2016.

Their goal is to give international backgammon players the opportunity to visit the wonderful Island of Kos, birth place of Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician known as the 'Father of Western Medicine'.

The island is beautiful and the prices for rooms are very affordable.

For more information about the hotel, details on the competition and to download the tournament flyer, please visit this page.

Is Backgammon Considered a Sport Too?

When it comes to Sports, Backgammon, in the words of the slogan used by the Worldwide Backgammon Federation, is a Sport of Mind, a game where skill overrides the luck factor of the dice, and thus an experienced player, who has learnt winning strategies, coupled with talent in math, can will win more often against a player with lesser abilities. What else makes Backgammon a recreational activity? Read the full article...

Athanasios Katsios of Greece wins
2014 Merit Open Backgammon Masters

Athanasios Katsios of Greece won the Worldwide Backgammon Federation's 2nd Merit Open Masters competition this past weekend in North Cyprus, emerging victorious over a field of 235 international players.

The Masters flight was the main event of the annual Merit Open International Backgammon Championship held from October 29 to November 2, 2014 in Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

The Merit Open Championships held several other competitions at the venue, including a 71-player Intermediate flight, Ladies Tournament, Super Jackpot and more.

The German team of Volker Sonnabend and Rainer Witt won the Doubles Championship over a total of 104 teams.

This tournament was organized by WBF Turkey and the tournament directors were Marco Fornasir, WBF General Secretary, and Arda Findikoglu, WBF Turkey President.

WBF Turkey President Arda Findikoglu (L) with Merit Open
Masters Champion Athanasios Katsios of Greece.

(Photo posted by Costas Chiotinis on FaceBook.)

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Pamela Anderson Inaugurates Animal Charity
at Backgammon Beach Party Tournament

Former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson held a backgammon tournament on the French Riviera to launch her new animal welfare foundation and it was attended by Masayuki Mochizuki (Mochi) of Japan the current world's #1 Giant of Backgammon.

Mike Svobodny, Matvey "Falafel" Natanzon, Sander Lylloff and other top tournament players from the international backgammon circuit also participated.

Pamela's 18-year-old son, Brandon Lee, was the youngest competitor at the tournament and reached the top four.

The backgammon event took place during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival from May 14 to May 25, 2014 and was used to launch the Pamela Anderson Foundation.

At one stage in the event, Ms. Anderson revealed accounts of sexual abuse when she was a young child and how she found solace in nature and animals.

Above a scene from the tournament room where you can see Pamela chatting with Mochi and an opponent as they play backgammon.

CNN Entertainment has two articles on this news, one about the revelation of the sex abuse and another article a few days later reporting that the Mounties in Canada will check Pamela Anderson's sex abuse allegations.

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Maintaining Respect

Ben Franklin said this about respect: “Reputations are like fine china. Both are easily broken and never well-mended.” In backgammon too, if you break up a vital asset, you may never have a chance to recover it:
Read the full article...

Luck-Based Games

Backgammon is a unique game that includes elements of both skill and luck. Although most backgammon players would agree to having an element of skill in their game, the luck element definitely contributes towards the excitement. Players may also like to take part in other luck based games, some just for fun, others introduce the element of winning money.

South-East London Cops Caught
Playing Backgammon On Duty

Seven members of a neighbourhood policing team, responsible for the Mottingham and Chislehurst North ward in Bromley, South-East London have either resigned or have been fired after being caught on hidden cameras by Scotland Yard playing backgammon and poker when they should have been out patrolling the streets.

The police officers slacked off in other ways as well, such as by watching TV, polishing golf clubs and doing personal errands - they even claimed thousands of extra pounds in overtime hours.

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Man Creates Havoc with Backgammon Case

at Gas Station in Circleville, Ohio

A Circleville, Ohio man caused panic at a Speedway gas station when he left an old backgammon board next to a gasoline pump and then went on his way. Police believe that Christopher Hoover acted suspiciouly and the bomb squad was called in. Hoover was later traced through the credit card he gassed up with, and was arrested and charged with inducing panic.


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Backgammon Introduced to Cafes in Japan

Would you like some backgammon with your coffee? An increasing number of cafes are experimenting with new menu items--board games such as shogi, chess and backgammon--and young people are embracing the chance to casually compete against other board game fans with great gusto.

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Backgammon on the Rock

The Gibraltar Institute of Backgammon have announced its formation. The G.I.B.'s primary aim is to promote the game of Backgammon in Gibraltar with a view to holding regular Tournaments in Gibraltar with participation from both Gibraltar and International players alike.

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Claude Landry Wins Montreal
Invitational Backgammon Tournament

by Director Garry Kallos

The first Montreal Invitational Backgammon Tournament held at Trophy's Resto-Bar on Sunday May 19th was a resounding success with 33 participants in three classes. The tournament attracted a dozen players who had never experienced tournament backgammon before.

The winners were:

Open: 20 participants; 1st Claude Landry, 2nd Frank Cheichi, 3-4th Patrick St-Laurent, Robert Lessard - Consolation: 1st Claude Forget, 2nd Mourad Wahba, 3-4th Francois Ethier, Daniel Dorinbaum

Intermediate: 8 participants; 1st Jean-Francois Grondin, 2nd Reginald Proulx - Consolation: 1st Marie-Claude Grondin, 2nd Denise Berkowitz

Novice: 5 participants; 1st Marc Proulx, 2nd Sylvain Brassard

From left to right: Open Winner Claude Landry, Tournament
Director Garry Kallos and Open Runner-up Frank Cheichi.

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Takumitsu Suzuki of Japan
2011 World Backgammon Champion

Takumitsu Suzuki of Japan (L) the 2011 World Backgammon Champion

with Tsuyoshi Minakami (R) who with teammates Daisuke Katagami

and Masahiko Nasu won the three-player World
Championships Team Tournament.
Photo provided by Masayuki Mochizuki.

MONTE CARLO, Monaco: Takumitsu Suzuki of Japan became the 2011 World Backgammon Champion this week defeating Fabio Gullotta of Italy 25 to 6 in the final 25-point match of the 36th World Backgammon Championship held from July 15 to 23, 2011 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

A total of 138 players participated in the top Championship flight, while 31 played in the Intermediate category and another 25 in the Beginner flight for a total attendance of 191 players from around the world.

Suzuki won in the semi-finals against his fellow countryman and the current #1 Giant of Backgammon, Masayuki Mochizuki, who was aiming to become a two-time World Champion having won this prestigious title in 2009.

Paul Weaver of the USA, the current #25 Giant of Backgammon, was the other semi-finalist, and was eliminated by Gullotta. Just before the semi-finals most of the worldwide backgammon community was expecting that Mochizuki and Weaver would dispute the title.

Pictured above with Suzuki is Tsuyoshi Minakami, who with teammates Daisuke Katagami and Masahiko Nasu, won the World Championship 3-player Team Tournament for Japan. A total of 34 teams participated in the side event.

By the way, Daisuke Katagami is a famous professional Shogi (Japanese Chess) player and according to Masayuki Mochizuki, the news of the Japanese winning in Monte Carlo was published in Yomiuri, the biggest-selling newspaper in Japan with close to 9.5 million copies sold daily. Yes, that is not an error, potentially 9.5 million people in Japan have read about Japan’s success at the World Championships of Backgammon, which is likely to attract many new players to our game in that country.

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