World Championships - Las Vegas

Listed below are the World Champions of Backgammon - Las Vegas from 1967 to 1974. Later, the World Championships were held in The Bahamas from 1975 to 1978 and from 1978 to present day, the World Championships are held in Monte Carlo.

Year Winner Country
1974 Claude Beer USA
1973 Carol Crawford USA
1972 Oswald Jacoby USA
1971 Data not available -------
1970 Tim Holland USA
1969 Event not held -------
1968 Tim Holland USA
1967 Tim Holland USA

Editor's Note: On December 15, 2008 we have updated the above information according to what we read in an interview with Tim Holland published in The New Yorker magazine on January 14,1974, in the Talk of the Town column, pages 25 and 26.

It was previously believed that Tim Holland won the Las Vegas World's Championship of Backgammon in 1967, 1968 and 1971. This is what you will see on many other websites that list the champions of that era.

And that the tournament was not held in 1970 when The New Yorker interview instead, clearly says it was not held in 1969.

The data for 1971 is not available but research by Dale Kerr of Australia tends to indicate that Alice Topping won a Las Vegas World Championship in 1970. But Tim Holland says he won in 1970, and the event was not held in 1969, perhaps Alice Topping won the event in 1971?

Maybe The New Yorker interviewer took his notes wrong?

Here is an excerpt from that The New Yorker interview in 1974, where Tim Holland is speaking about his victories:


Tim Holland Interview Excerpt



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