Why isn’t backgammon in more online casinos?

Backgammon, in its primitive forms, dates back to thousands of years BC. Given that it’s a widely played form of table gaming so many millennia later, it’s safe to say that it has enjoyed a degree of popularity with the gaming community. But this hasn’t seemed to translate to online casino gaming, where the lack of online backgammon table games is noticeable to fans of the board game. Why exactly is that?

For a number of reasons. Backgammon has always been compared to chess, in that they’re both strategy-based. But, because backgammon involves dice, there’s an element thrown into backgammon that isn’t present in chess. To top it off, it doesn’t have the same variety of moves and betting options typically associated with more popular table games like roulette or sic bo.

This doesn’t make it the ideal online table game, because it requires enough strategy that you need to use your brain for it, enough luck that the house still has a considerable edge on you, and not enough options to be flexible with that house edge. For example, if you were to check out the sic bo guide provided by the Canadian casino site Casinos.co, you’ll see that different bets have different house edges, both in the physical and online version.

Speaking of house edge, backgammon doesn’t fare that well in online casinos in terms of these percentages. It averages at around 4.82% - 6.39%, depending on what version you’re playing and what bet you’re making. That’s compared to the 2.5% house edge of roulette (when playing the French or European version).

Backgammon is also famously a two-person table game. This doesn’t make it the most exciting option for live casino gaming, which is typically all about interacting with a dealer and multiple other players during a round. Not to mention, it’s normal for a game of backgammon to be played without any gambling involved. Over the years, backgammon seems to have developed a culture similar to chess-playing, in that players do it more for the strategy planning than for the chance of winning money.

That said, you can still find backgammon in some online casinos. But, although backgammon is experiencing some new-found popularity lately, it remains to be seen whether it will take real root in online casino gaming on a more wide-scale basis.

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