Getting started with GNUBG – A Guided Tour
by Robert-Jan Veldhuizen


Introduction: What is GNUBG?

GNUBG is a program to play and analyze backgammon with, at a world-class level. It is free software (under the GPL from the FSF), which is still under development. GNUBG is designed for GNU/Linux, but runs under many other operating systems as well, including Mac OS X. This tutorial will focus on the Microsoft Windows version.

Here is what the Windows version of GNUBG looks like:

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While GNUBG is still a work in progress, for most people the program is quite stable and relatively bug-free. GNUBG is great tool for backgammon enthusiasts offering such things as:

  • World-class playing engine Play, tutor and analysis mode Import matches from backgammon servers Fully customizable looks with 2-D and 3-D boards Rollouts, cubeful and according to score Evaluation and rollout settings fully configurable Race and bearoff databases included and extendable Can load any match equity table you like; 12 included Temperature map (check equities for all possible next rolls) Comprehensive theory panels for race (Thorp, Kleinman, EPC) and doubling strategy (gammon values, market windows)
  • Export in various formats, such as HTML and PDF

Next follows a guided tour, covering the basic features of GNUBG to help you get started:

  • Get GNUBG!
    • Download GNUBG Install GNUBG
    • Run the program
  • Playing a game against the computer
    • Asking GNUBG for advice
    • Saving your efforts
  • Match analysis
    • Saving your online matches Importing your matches Analyzing your matches
    • Reviewing analyzed matches


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