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Gammonlife is happy to provide the following links to other interesting resources and sites related to backgammon and other games.

Internet Backgammon Database

Internet Backgammon

The Internet Backgammon Database, better known as, is where you can see personal profiles submitted by live backgammon tournament players. The latest additions to the database are at this link.

Nack Ballard

Official website of Nack Ballard, the World's #1 Player and #1 BG Giant. Stay tuned to this site for news on the release of his upcoming book on the openings rolls of the game (co-authored with Paul Weaver).

Free play site with 10 different variants of backgammon you can in a web browser. has backgammon games such as Portes, Fevga, Plakoto, Gul Bara, Moultezim and even two versions of Acey-Deucey.

Phil Simborg
Everyday Phil Simborg publishes a new backgammon position, a tip of the day, a quote of the day and a fact of the day. Check out his new website for these and other features.

Victoria Smirnoff

Official website of the lovely Victoria Smirnoff, winner of the 2000 Doubles Consulting World Backgammon Championship (partner Paul Magriel). Lots of content including a bio, photos and videos.

Gammon Links

Mel Leifer's GammonLinks

GammonLinks is a huge page of descriptive links to backgammon info, organized and updated regularly by backgammon guru Mel Leifer. If you can't find what you seek about backgammon there, it's nowhere.



Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia with a growing section on various backgammon topics contributed by editors from around the world. Some famous backgammon players, such as Paul Magriel, are mentioned there.



The Google search engine is the first choice of Internet surfers for finding information on the Web - check it out for any backgammon topic or person you are interested in knowing about.

The Origin of Backgammon

The Origin of Backgammon

An interesting site in English and French that traces the history and evolution of modern backgammon, through text and images, as far back as 1130 AD to a
game played in India called Golaka-Krida.
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