Christidis Wins Second in a Row;
Greek Fed Launch BG Website

by Director Giorgos Kleitsas - December 2009
George Klitsas

Charis Christidis beat Alex Kolonias this month in the final of the fourth event of the Greek Backgammon Federation’s third season held in Athens, Greece. It was the second consecutive monthly victory for Christidis. Meanwhile, Director Giorgos Kleitsas has just launched a new website for the GBgF at www.bgfed.gr

In this article, see links to four matches recorded at this latest monthly backgammon event in Greece, including the final. The matches are analyzed with Snowie 4 Professional software and displayed in HTML.

This December event of the Greek Backgammon Federation was held at the Piraeus Bridge Club on Saturday, December 5, 2009. With this victory Charis Christidis maintains his lead in the National Greek Ranking List.

In the final, Christidis faced Alexandros Kolonias, who has just returned to the backgammon scene in Greece after serving obligatory military service for the last two years. Christidis won the final 15-4.

Kolonias has played on the international circuit and won the Fortis World Team Championship in Monte Carlo last with with teammates Christos Groutsos and Giorgos Klitsas.

Kolonias recorded four of his matches at this December event, all of which have been analyzed by Snowie and published here on GammonLife. Here are links to the matches:

Round 2: Alexandros Kolonias vs. Takis Chatzelis

Quarter-Finals: Alexandros Kolonias vs.George Vadiakis

Semi-Finals: Alexandros Kolonias vs. Giorgos Klitsas

Final: Alexandros Kolonias vs. Charis Christidis

Here are the full December 2009 results followed by the updated ranking lists:


Winner: Charis Christidis
Finalist: Alexandros Kolonias
Semifinalist: Giorgos Klitsas
Semifinalist: Yiannis Valianos


Winner: Μichalis Manolios
Finalist: Giorgos Vadiakas

Attendance: 28 players


The Elo rating for players above 300 experience [in brackets is the experience of each player] :

Stephanos Bonanos 1574 [477]
Captain 1576 [620]
Lina Charakoglou 1503 [315]
Τakis Chatzelis 1555 [716]
Costas Chiotinis 1618 [872]
Charis Christidis 1690 [704]
Μichalis Christofidis 1426 [390]
Christos Groutsos 1699 [930]
Filomila Karantzali 1581 [449]
Alexandros Kolonias 1491 [394]
Krull 1671 [902]
Charis Ladis 1514 [347]
Thanassis Makris 1421 [497]
Μichalis Manolios 1552 [809]
Μanos Mastorakis 1585 [727]
Νikos Mastroperos 1522 [375]
Fanis Matsoukas 1551 [513]
Yiannis Pasialis 1562 [708]
Τakis Sakalis 1583 [321]
Νikos Sapountzakis 1543 [385]
Pavlos Thanopoulos 1407 [549]
Yiannis Theologitis 1432 [463]
Giorgos Tsiris 1358 [459]
Giannis Valianos 1492 [334]
Αntonis Vamvakaris 1543 [642]

The Master Points of the current top 10 backgammon players in Greece:


Current Ranking List

1.Charis Christidis 365

2.Giorgos Klitsas 317
3.Christos Groutsos 314
4.Μichalis Manolios 300
5.Νikos Dikaros 233
6.Lina Charakoglou 225
7.Fanis Matsoukas 225
8.Τakis Chatzelis 218
9.Costas Chiotinis 214
10.Pavlos Thanopoulos 208

Our next monthly tournament will be held the weekend of January 16-17, 2010 at the Piraeus Bridge Club, Omiridou Skilitsi 26, fifth floor - telephone number of the club is 210 4178274.

Registration time 3:30 pm on Saturday, public draw 3:45 pm and start time 4:00 pm. Players who will arrive between 3.45 pm and 4:00 pm will enter the late arrival list. Players arriving after 4.00 pm will not be allowed to participate.

On Sunday the play will start at 1:00 pm and penalty points will be given to players arriving after 1:15 pm.

To participate in our next monthly tourney contact me by email at llurk@hol.gr or by telephone at one of these two phone numbers:

0030 210 7706142 or Mobile 0030 694 5298985.


The Tournament Director,

Giorgos Klitsas


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